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I'm an English coach with an American (USA) northeastern regional accent. I teach Conversational and Business English to adults and mature adolescents. I have a TESOL certificate from the Canadian Institute of English and Applied Neuroscience. For the past four years, I've been teaching English online to people from all over the world. I've also been a volunteer in the local Chinese-speaking community for more than 15 years. Please see my More About Me page for more details about my education and background.

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Phone/ Text Message: 813-444-8185

Email: kara@karatutors.com

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Student Testimonials


October 2022




September 2022

"- Great class, Kara. Thank you for everything. "

"- Genial! Aprendiendo más vocabulario y me hizo sentir segura hablando "

June 2022

"I'm really happy to have an American teacher. Kara really pushed me to go further during this class and I appreciate it, also she gave me great recommendations and contents to investigate later on! I hope I can to talk to her again soon!"

"Kara was really nice with me and I really enjoyed the class! Hope to repeat again!"

"Muy buena profesora que me corrigió en todo momento y me ayudó a expresarme. Muchas gracias. Un 10 de profesora."

"very good teacher!"

February 2022

"Kara helped me to learn so much about the topic of the class. She shared with me a high quality content that was really interesting. Thanks a lot Kara! :)"

December 2021

"Muy contento de conocer a Kara, muy atenta en la pronunciacion, me ayuda a expresarme fluidamente, reforzamos vocabulario, lectura y ejemplos con el vocabulario. :D"

"Kara is an excellent teacher!!! I really like our talk, and I'm looking forward to talk with her again."

November 2021

"Genial!! Ha sido de las mejores"

"Kara was great! I hope to see you again ;)"

"She was genuinely engaged with the conversation. Thanks!"


Saudi Arabia

March 2022

“She is able to teach you how to pronounce sounds correctly! She is AMAZING”

"لانها مرتبه في التعليم وتشرح بطريقة محترفه عبر التنويع بالاسئله"